I Could Get Used to This…

Me and Erin Zammett Ruddy (flanked by Marie Claire editors past & present). We decided we like winning stuff and drinking wine in fancy places.

Just a quick post to show you the awesome group of women I got to attend the Newswomen’s Club Front Page Awards with. We are posing with the award for Best Essay in the Magazine category. Erin refused to take the award home, insisting that it is mine. I suggested we cut it down the middle. But it’s very thick and heavy glass. Doesn’t feel right for me to have it. But there I was, lugging that thing up town at 10:30 p.m. in my shoulder bag.

The event was at the Downtown Association. I have such a love for NYC history from the Gilded Age and the building is Astor era; I would have loved to get lost in there for a little while. The event honored longtime News Channel 4 NBC anchor Sue Simmons, a bastion of my childhood news viewing, and Maria Bartaromo aka “the Money Honey”. The room was filled with top writers and reporters from the likes of Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, etc. I felt like such an imposter. Every now and then though, it’s nice to leave the sports world and step into the life I wanted when I first came out of college: magazine writer.

Anyhow, I am very proud of the work Erin and I did, and am so proud to know her. She is celebrating 10 years of her remission with leukemia. Talk about an awesome woman. Spending the evening together reaffirmed our appreciation for each other. And, we are already scheming on our next piece together. 🙂

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