Some Kickass Events on My Horizon

It's that time of year again where I make kickass t-shirts, baby!

Wanted to share some upcoming events both immediate and not-too-distant before they become further discombobulated in my brain:

First, I am headed to L.A. this week for a quick  24-hour visit to tape a talk show about sexual assault. I am part of the RAINN Speakers Bureau and from time to time am able to fill requests. I think a cross-country flight will be brutal as I am soooo tired these days. But this is yet another chance to speak directly to women en masse. With my schedule, the more efficient I can be, the better for all involved! I will be sure to take pictures and copious notes for retelling here soon after. Between now and then, I hope to find something halfway decent to wear. Ugh.

Second, I just caught a look at the calendar and am floored that the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event for the rape crisis center I volunteer at is a few short months away on April 14. Last year’s event touched me so much because some cherished men in my life showed their support for me and other victims in just the most amazing way.


This year, I hope to bring more in to the fold. I hope to recruit more wonderful men to stand with me and walk for me. There is a vulnerability in this that makes me slightly uncomfortable but I have to just push through that. If you are a man in my life and care about me at all or some of the work that I am trying to do, I will pray that you find your way to me for this event. Or at least, your checkbook. Ha.

Valentine’s Day this year, and hopefully all years going forward, will give way to One Billion Rising. The international call to action encourages men and women to participate any number of ways that day to stand together against sexual violence in a sort of irreverent way. The one billion represents the number of women who will be raped or beaten in their lifetime. Needless to say, I will actually look forward to Feb. 14 for a change.

Ok, that’s it for now. Will get back at it tomorrow!

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