Girls Getaway

Only thing better than this breezy ensemble, is me in it. On a beach. With a margarita.
Only thing better than this breezy ensemble, is me in it. On a beach. With a margarita.

A quick note to tell you all I am stunned – STUNNED – it has been a full year since my French excursion, the one where I boldly set out for Provencal pastures in a sort of reclamation of my willingness and excitement to do so since Rome. Though I encountered an amorous Frenchman, I was able to overlook it due to my being near comatose from over indulging on brie – creamy, buttery brie – in my adorable Avignon apartment.

As the yearly May trip beckons, I am answering it with a girlfriend getaway to parts unknown (a.k.a Alabama) so I can decompress and step out of the sports world for a little while. Yes, there is such a thing as too much sports! This weekend, I get to be lazy, beach girl Keri in a floppy hat and all manner of sundresses. And if I can manage to apply sunscreen properly and avoid sunburn that often looks like interpretive art across my shoulders and back, I’ll consider it a huge success.

Speaking of success, I wrote this post at the start of 2013. I’m so glad I reread it. As I’m almost to the half-way mark of the year, it’s a good reminder that I am doing exactly as I set out to do. I am making trips, concocting plans and being true to myself. I can only hope the coast of Alabama has a margarita big enough to handle the self-toast I make when I get there.

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