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Well, I am just a regular gal who would like to help and encourage others like me if ever they find themselves the victim of sexual assault. My name is Keri Potts and I had my story about my escape from attempted rape published in the December 2010 issue of Marie Claire, followed by an interview with USA Today. It outlined the assault I endured by an Italian citizen and the weeks and months after where I pressed charges which resulted in my attacker pleading guilty. It was a tough two years of my life trying to understand the ins and outs of the Italian judicial system and criminal procedure. I would really like to help expand the body of knowledge about overseas prosecution of sexual assault by finding others who have done so.

I have had my story featured on the Travel Channel and Investigation Discovery, and appeared as a featured guest on the Ricki Lake Show as part of the RAINN National Speakers Bureau. In addition, I have written about my experience as a guest blogger, spoken about sexual assault on BBC Radio and am a guest speaker at universities and conferences nationwide. In October 2012, I became a state certified rape crisis counselor/victims advocate for the State of Connecticut. In October of 2013, I became a rape crisis volunteer counselor in Atlanta. I seek to educate the public about the crime of sexual assault, but also, to give other victims hope about their futures.

I love my family, friends and God. My favorite things? Sports, autumn, long and vigorous walks, morning coffee, good wine, great conversations, wit and people who don’t bend to the prevailing opinion. I especially like people who fight to do the right thing even when it’s uncomfortable or hard, drawn out and difficult to succeed.

You can reach me at afightbackwoman@gmail.com


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