A Fight Back Woman President and Founder, Keri Potts, delivered her TEDx Talk about Gender Equity, Employee Policies, Safety for Traveling Abroad and Keeping Women in the Workforce after Sexual Assault, in Atlanta on November 30, 2018:

A Fight Back Woman, Inc., provides quality, experience-based, trauma-informed and victim-centered best practices counsel to businesses and organizations on issues of sexual and interpersonal violence, tailored to their unique circumstances. It is not merely enough for a company to say that it is against these crimes, it is vital to truly understand them in order to combat them authentically and effectively. Please visit the BLOG and PRESS sections to get a better sense for our experience and continued work.

Keri Potts presents to Wofford College male athletes, 2019

SUPPORT VICTIMS: If you’d like to support Americans who are sexually assaulted or abused abroad, please donate to Pathways to Safety International.