It’s Been Nine Days and Counting

Yeah, it has sort of felt like this.

It’s been a rollercoaster 9 days since my story went public. Every day, I get at least one email, note or call from someone expressing his/her support for my decision. How great is that? Makes me sad I waited so long as the support is something that would have spurred me on at that 1-year point when I really began to struggle with the thought of continuing with the case.

Right now, I am focused on getting my story to as many people as possible. I thank all of your for your help with that. My heart SOARS when I hear that a mother shared my story with her daughter, a boyfriend shared it with his girlfriend, and so on. In the coming days, my posts will shift to more specifics about the Italian judicial process/system. I will begin having “guest” q+a’s from various experts. I welcome feedback and questions, and I will get back to each and every one of you as I already try to do now. I truly want to serve you and be a resource for women because I feel strongly that is why this happened to me. Keri

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