Self-Defense: Learn it.

Tomorrow, I will begin a series of posts on the merits of learning self-defense skills through the lens of what I experienced during the attack. A very special lady and expert in this field has shared some of her knowledge with me so that I might share it with you. Please know that a driving force behind my decision to tell my story in Marie Claire was the overriding feeling that I had a window into almost every aspect of sexual assault – save for rape – and a crystal clear memory of nearly every emotion, thought and physical reaction I experienced through the various parts of it. And yet, before then, I had never read an article on rape or sexual assault that focused on that aspect of the crime, the details of what the mind and body go through in the pre-attack stages and during it. Most articles are about the rape itself and the aftermath. That’s what I wanted to get at and what I still want to examine because I know in my heart that knowledge of this will help many women escape their attackers.  I want women to understand what their minds will do, what their bodies will do and how not to be afraid. If there is anything worth sharing with other women from this blog, I am certain, this series of posts will be it.

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