A Fight Back Woman: Nicola Briggs

Red-headed fury. Bravo.

Dubbed the “Subway Badass”, video of Nicola Briggs lambasting a man who rubbed his condom-clad erection against her on a New York City subway, was captured on an iPhone and became an Internet sensation. Nicole gave this guy a public shaming of grand proportions. She followed through on her promise to march him to the police station where he was charged, and ultimately, will be deported to his native Mexico. Nicola Briggs, I salute you.  My favorite part of this? Her reasons for why she went after him? Paraphrasing from the CBS Channel 2 exclusive interview with her at the link above, her reasons for doing what she did:  “We have to remove the shame from the victim and put it back on the perpetrator.” Amen.

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