Trojan Horses Suck

For anyone who has read this blog regularly, you will know that I post every day. I pride myself on that. I don’t want to bore you in a world of ever-shortening attention spans. But then a trojan horse named Backdoor/Win32.Cyboc.b.exe found my computer and I had to leave my precious baby with the computer wizards for the past few days. Nothing will keep me from posting because I clearly have a lot to say. Not even the stupid horse. But, because so many of my notes on self-defense were in that computer, I will have to ask for your patience. I’d love to hear from some of you about what you’d like to know about self-defense or anything about my experience. I can make a post out of it (will post the questions, but not your names, of course). Also coming up soon, more about the nuances of Italian law, my run-in with a dirty cabbie, the dating quandary, my first trip alone overseas, and more.

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