Headed Home

It’s been an extended vacation due to the NYC snowpocalypse and the trojan horse computer snafu. I look forward soon to knocking off the rest of my self-defense Q+A with Dr. Ruthless (she’s awesome) and getting into a bunch more topics. In the new year, I will have lots of changes coming, most of them welcome. And I have some new opportunities. For one, I will be speaking at the Clinton School in Little Rock, Ark. in February on the topic of sexual assault overseas. I very much intend to talk about a lot of what I have already posted, but also the experience of blogging about it. I don’t know who reads my blog, if they come each day or once and never check back, but I like to tell myself there are a few folks who are reading it to learn or become encouraged to perhaps press charges against someone who has violated them. Either way, I will continue to chug along until that long mental list of things I always felt should be shared is completed. Regardless, thank you for reading, for visiting, for making one more visitor to my site and encouraging me to continue on. We are almost at 8,000 visitors and I think that is awesome. I’d like to double that in 2011, at least. Happy New Year’s! Be safe.

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