And Another Thing…


Did I mention how I heart the students?

I was asked by an audience member at the Clinton School if plaintiffs in Italian criminal trials have to take an oath. As I had informed the audience during my speech, the defendant does not. In fact, the defendant is allowed and encouraged to lie, not answer questions, can make spontaneous statements and the like, as he/she is the one facing a loss of freedom.

I answered that I did not know if plaintiffs take an oath because I never went to trial but I assumed there is no such thing as an oath, period. I would like to do a bit more research then on what keeps a plaintiff from bringing false claims.  What I suspect is that the mechanism in place in Italy that keeps plaintiffs from bringing frivolous claims against others is the standard for slander. The defendant, since he/she is facing the loss of personal freedom, is not held to the slander standard because the philosophy is that the Prosecutor should be able to prove the charges no matter what the defendant says.  

I will let you know what I find.

In other news, I have been working on a post that I began before I headed to Arkansas. It addresses my in-person interview with the Public Prosecutor in the oppressively hot Roman Courthouse. Where I last left things, I had just locked myself in the Courthouse bathroom.

That is a very typical Keri move. No one who knows me and read that, would be surprised. I will get that new post up tonight, promise.

How cute is she? Look at her smile.

A shout to Wright Way Photography. A lovely fellow.

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