Travel Channel…Wow

Well, I have some good news. Or at least, interesting news. I will soon have an opportunity to reach women (and men) who travel. I was approached by producers for a new Travel Channel show about “vacations gone bad.” The producer is an industry veteran and in looking at his body of work, I feel I can trust him and his team to properly share my story.

What this will entail is a shoot here in Connecticut next weekend. At first, I thought we could fit everyone in my apartment, but it soon became clear I could not. So, my darling friend and confidante, Lisa, has offered up her home for the shoot. Lisa is actually tied to that awful night in Italy by way of a bracelet she made me. She makes really beautiful jewelry and I was wearing a bracelet she made me the night of my fight with Marco. The police found the bracelet at Marco’s with the clasp broken. That was an important piece of evidence as it indicated a struggle had taken place. Marco had pressed the bracelet into my arm so hard that I had a deep puncture wound from the clasp. I remember when the police asked me if I had lost a bracelet and I looked at my arm and realized that was what had caused the wound.

Anyhow, here is the part of this Travel Channel show shoot that just floors me. The producers are flying up to Connecticut the couple that helped me in off their balcony. Can you believe that?? I will actually get to see them again after almost three years!! I am so excited and emotional when I think about it. I have kept in touch with them through the years and in a previous post wrote about how I consider them my angels. The show producer told me late last week that the couple has a lot to share about what they were going through when I suddenly appeared on their balcony with a bloody face. I cannot wait to hear all about it. It’s like I get to learn a whole other point of view about what I went through. I am so excited to see them.

The part I am just going to have to get over is my face being on HD TV. Good Lord. I am heading out today to find some HD makeup and a few new shirts. In general,  I do not like how I look on TV or in photos, so I will just have to do what I can to improve the situation. At the end of the day though, participating in this show is just an awesome blessing that continues my hopes to reach women and encourage them if they are victims of sexual assault or educate them about sexual assault. When something this awesome comes along, you know it’s the right thing. I will be sure to take some pics and post them next week. Wish me luck.

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