Travel Channel Update – Set Your DVRs! Or Not.

I have been slammed at work but wanted to make sure I told you all. That taping I did for a Travel Channel pilot about vacations that take dangerous turns has been picked up for air. The producer tells me the episode featuring my story – and reunites me with the American couple who helped me that night – will be televised Sunday, Nov. 27 at 4 p.m. ET with a re-air Thursday, Dec. 1 at 10pmET..

I am nervous to see how they condensed my interview and how they will reenact the various aspects of what happened to me. What will be particularly difficult is seeing anything that isn’t 100 percent accurate. As I am all too familiar with TV production and what happens in the edit room, I am mentally preparing myself for some disappointments, but overall I am pleased and feeling really fortunate that almost a year to the day the Marie Claire article came out, and on almost three years to the day I was attacked, I will have this amazing opportunity to reach women who travel. I only cried twice during the taping and it wasn’t full-blown – I kept it together, so that’s a relief. Seeing my face on TV in HD will be brutal. The camera is not kind to many. But that’s really a small sacrifice in comparison to the good that will come out of the episode. I hope. 😉

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