The Surreal (Seeing the Actress Who Will Play ME)

Well, as I’ve mentioned, the Travel Channel show Got Home Alive! will be on Sunday at 4 pmET. My story will be one of three told during the full hour. Tomorrow, I will post an interview with the co-executive producer for the series, John Joseph. He’ll take you into the nuts and bolts of how the show came about and how the episode was filmed.

He told me the name of the actress they hired to play me. I am FLOORED by the resemblance. The hair, the longish face/nose…I keep staring at her photos. It’s so weird. Her name is Mandy Schneider, and here is the link to her IMDB profile: Mandy Schneider –

Tomorrow, I will spend the day with my dear friend Lisa and her family. We filmed the episode at her house, so it’s fitting we watch it there. I am considering live blogging to capture my thoughts as the episode unfolds. Not sure yet. I might be too busy burying my face in Lisa’s couch pillows.

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