I expected to write my reaction to the Travel Channel piece sooner than this but fell (violently) ill soon thereafter. For anyone who watched the full episode, the woman they featured who had been kidnapped in Mexico said a lot of things I have often found myself saying, that you just find a way to fight on, that you learn a lot about yourself in the aftermath…and just like me, she went back with the authorities – who were skeptical at first – to hold the people who harmed her accountable.

While I wish the piece hadn’t been so truncated and left out the parts that are really important to me – the legal aspects of the case, the involvement of the Embassy, etc. – I was pleased with some of the snippets they aired of me speaking. They accuratley reflect who I am, I suppose. Strangely, the clip the Travel Channel has posted at its site is a bit more focused on the legal battle I faced so I am glad to post that here. When the next re-air is confirmed, I will let you know. The 12/1 re-air has been changed.

Other observations: The physical fight with Marco went on for an extended period of time, as did his stalking of me beforehand. That’s the part where they try to break you down mentally without laying a finger on you…I think the actress did a great job…The actor playing Marco needed to be about 3 inches taller and 60 pounds heavier, but that’s really nitpicky 😉

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