Not Another Jane Doe

I kinda love that headline. It was the title of a segment on the Today Show this morning featuring a woman who chose to reveal her identity while giving her statement during the sentencing phase of the trial for the man who attacked her. Her name is Heidi Damon. I am struck by how similar our rationales are/were for revealing our identities. During her interview with Ann Curry, she said she had been listed as “Jane Doe” for the past 2.5 years since the attempted rape and ensuing trial. But she decided to send a message that her name is still good and she is proud and the only person who should be embarrassed or ashamed is the man she put behind bars. In Italy, I don’t know that victims’ identities are granted anonymity in this way. I suppose I never thought about it or cared. But it was nice to start the morning seeing a woman send such a positive message in such a big way.

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