Next Steps

I know it’s been awhile since my last post. I have been thinking about the next phase of this blog. In looking back, it took me 115 posts to cover most of what I wanted to tell people about my experience. That amazes me. I have a few ideas about next steps as well as a possible TV episode in development similar to Travel Channel. If that’s the case, I will attempt to live blog that, post video, etc. More than anything, I want to continue the dialogue because the experience will never leave me as it never leaves anyone who is sexually assaulted. I am on the waiting list for training at a nearby rape crisis center. I think that would be a really good fit for me and a step I am ready to make. Also, I want to have more guest interviews with experts and attorneys who specialize in this subject. I think that would be really helpful for people visiting the site and the natural progression of my efforts. So, stay tuned. I’ll be back in a few days. Keri

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