Walk a Mile in My Shoes, Fellas? Please?


Take your pick. You know you wanna.


I wanted to bring your collective attention to a nationwide effort to raise awareness about sexual violence. My community will be participating as will (hopefully) hundreds others. The event is called Walk A Mile In Her Shoes and it allows men to show their solidarity with women against sexual violence by literally wearing women’s shoes/heels and walking a mile in their community with other men as women cheer them on. I am really excited to attend this year’s event in town and wish I knew some men around here who I could make part of team A Fight Back Woman. Best thing is, I have big feet so wearing my shoes would be easy breezy for most guys in need of loaner shoes. Clearly, that shouldn’t be the only incentive, but I hope it helps entice. Maybe I’ll place an ad in the local paper…At any rate, I think this is a really great event. And it speaks to my true feelings that men need to lead on the issue of reducing sexual assault. I think it will be very inspiring and comforting to see these men all stumbling and struggling in their lady shoes during the mile stroll. Wish me luck.

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