A Triple ‘A’ Day: All Around Awesome.

I give this post a triple A rating because I spent it with many people who supported me and just mean so much to me each in their own way, the experience challenged me and helped me grow, and I walked away with the prospect of something wonderful:  I met a man well versed in law enforcement and judicial procedure for victims of sexual assault.  He told me about several organizations and movements, including this one: http://www.voicesandfaces.org/about.asp that seeks to put names with faces of assault survivors so that others might be inspired and come to understand that shame has no place in the victim experience.

I will get into greater detail about my next steps in this space, but I prefer to show you some fun images from the day. Taping for the Discovery ID episode featuring my story took place at Angels and Kings on the Lower East Side. My dear friend Jessie and I had an early pickup in Hoboken for a 7:30 a.m. call time at the venue. And when we got there, I must say the feel of it was entirely different from that of the Travel Channel. The set was lit with dozens of votives in a quasi-Gothic setting that had random black and white police mug shots of famous musicians scattered on the walls.

The thought occurred to me that I might not be cool enough for this venue.

The crew was 8-deep and used more equipment and lighting than the previous taping I had sat for. The executive producer on hand was somewhat particular about my clothing and asked me to change from a khaki green sweater to a bordeaux-colored ruffled tank top I had brought with me. Something seemed a little more intense this time around.

Though I am still collecting photos from my friends’ cameras, I’ll get you started on a mini gallery of the day and all the people who played a role in my life these past few years.

Reunited with Erin Zammett Ruddy. My hero. My friend.

Erin getting the “Lights, camera, action!” treatment despite her cold/allergies. She is a total trooper, as only Erin can be.

A total pro, Erin "has a way with turning phrases" for delicious sound bytes, per the executive producer.

Melissa Soalt, “Dr. Ruthless” a self-defense expert I had come to know over the phone and through email but not in person until today, joined us on the set to give insights into sexual predators’ thoughts and motivations. She’s tiny, but as fiery as her hair. And she can totally kick your ass. \

Don't let her diminutive size fool you. You should probably take a step back. Or five.

And oh, did I mention the amazing Alyson Charles? Though she served as associate producer today and was just darling to talk to and very supportive and encouraging about everything, I already had the scoop on her and her awesomeness. I wish I had had more time to speak with her and grill her about her athletic pursuits. Check out her website. Woman is a U of Alabama track LEGEND. Ridiculous. I wish.  She also takes great photos and took almost all of the ones posted here.

So happy to make a new friend. This is Aly. And she's reallllly cool. And fast. I hear she's fast too.

Well, I shall post gallery#2 tomorrow. I want to tell you about a surprise guest who participated in the filming and who, unbeknownst to him, appears to be the answer to my prayers about how I can best contribute in this arena in a meaningful way now that my blog has completed the full cycle of my tale. I have a great photo (thanks to Aly) capturing the exact moment I realized this. Next post for sure.

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