Lean on Me

How I love this woman. My Jessie girl. She should be cloned.
How I love this woman. My Jessie girl. She should be cloned.

I just want to take a break to tell you about someone incredibly special to me: my friend Jessie. Aside from the fact she has the most amazing eyes of anyone I know, and the brightest smile, I like to think of her as the sleeper stalwart. As strong as I am or people perceive me to be, I need people equally as strong or stronger to lean on. I have found that’s a pretty tall order, so, I am especially appreciative when I find someone who lets me do that within the safe and loving confines of friendship. Jessie was and is the friend who I don’t have to be strong in front of. My carefully constructed walls do not exist in her presence because she doesn’t let them. She just loves me for me. And she’s incredibly strong in a way that’s not obvious because she has such a huge personality and side-splitting sense of humor that you don’t notice it right away.  But it’s there.

She also takes excellent self portraits. When I try to do that, I only get weird shots of my nose.

This beautiful woman kept me going through my darkest days. She did it effortlessly, asking for nothing in return. She endured my crying jags and multiple hugs. She kept telling me over and over that I was strong and doing the right thing. She told me I had worth and that my life would be normal again. She tells me still that someday, some wonderful, strong man will find me and fall in love with me. She is so sure of it and I believe her. I had always struggled to believe that until her.

She’s fun to go to weddings with.

Today is her birthday and I am going to celebrate. On this day, she came into the world, and she weaved her way toward me and changed my life. How can I not celebrate that? I hope you all have a friend like Jessie. We all need somebody to lean on. Happy birthday, Jessie. I love you.

Our Jessie.

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