Au Revoir!

A quick note, readers, to let you know I am on my way to a much-needed vacation in France. (I have hired a housesitter, so don’t even think of stopping by while I am gone, to have a party at the Potts palace.) And while I am there, I am going to give it my best Carrie Bradshaw. Of the two celebrities I am told I resemble most, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex in the City is definitely one I don’t mind. I know it has everything to do with her wild, crazy hair and nothing to do with me being a petite fashionista. But part of me hopes people who say that to me see a little of her spirit in me too. I have a journal ready for entries about the beautiful things I will see, and the funny moments I experience at the morning market or when I try my hand at conversing in French. I am looking forward to letting my mind wander and stretch itself with no reason to reel it in. I hope to come back with wonderful musings I am dying to share with all of you. Au revoir!

Yeah, I’ve been there. Minus the stinky stick she’s holding.

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