I Lead Off the Discovery ID Series. As a Blonde. Oh Well…

I think they’re saying I’m not “TV material”…but I thought I had my ‘A’ game that day. Boo.

Well, it’s official: I’m a blonde. Or at least, I have been made a blonde with sleek, straight hair via the actress who plays me in Investigation Discovery’s new series Dates from Hell. Yes, I cringe at that title. And I just keep reminding myself how great the interview went, how comprehensive the interviewees list was with a journalist (www.erinzammettruddy.com), a self-defense expert (Melissa Soalt www.dr-ruthless.com) and a former special victims prosecutor Roger Canaff (www.rogercanaff@rogercanff.com) as well as the American man whose balcony I landed on during my escape. I am anxious to see how they wove it all together.

I watched a brief, 30-second sneak peek from my episode earlier today. Sadly, it is dead on regarding my sweater getting stuck on Marco’s balcony railing and how awful that was for me. Gave me chills to see it. I will post the link when I get it as it is more thorough than the series commercial running on the channel every night. It is most likely down because I spoke with the PR rep for the show today to let her know the voiceover for the piece was distinctly referring to me as “Carrie” and that my name was spelled wrong in the description. That stuff happens all the time with trailers, etc., and I have no concerns about the finished product. But, now the video is down. So, I’ll post when it’s back up.

The series will debut Wednesday, July 11 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery ID. A full half-hour episode which will be a much deeper dive than the Travel Channel episode. I’m once again a little nervous and will be relieved when I see it in its entirety. For now though, I’m kind of burning a bit about that hair. My curls are fabulous.

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