Casting Call Curiosity

As I become a heckuva lot more curious about Wednesday’s episode (July 11, 10pmET on Discovery ID) – and what edits I will have to accept even if they will make me cringe – I came across the casting call for the show. Notice the description for the part of  “Flower Vendor”…


Sharp Entertainment is casting Dates from Hell, a new re-enactment series for Discovery ID that tells the dramatic stories of romantic encounters gone horribly wrong. Jason Sklaver, dir.; Heeth Grantham, prod. Shoots May-June (generally evening or night shoots) in and within one hour of NYC.

Seeking—Keri: 33, Caucasian, 5’10”, shoulder length blonde/brown wavy hair, former athlete, beach volleyball type, a strong and self-confident woman; Marco: 30s, 6’+, broad-shouldered, shaggy hair, artist type; Lynn: early 30s, brunette, tall and attractive career woman; Flower Vendor: male, 6’+, non-Caucasian, a man capable of being very intimidating;  Note: Primary shoot days for the roles of Keri, Marco, Lynn, JJ, and Flower Vendor are May 2-5…

The reality is…the flower vendor who Marco purchased the three dozen roses from was a slip of a man – a typical street vendor (for Rome) of southeast Asian descent. I’d give him 5’5″ and 120 pounds soaking wet. So, it seems the producers inserted some artistic license. To what extent, I am not sure.  I do love, however, being a “beach volleyball type.” Love.

In the meantime, I am editing this site to make sure it is very easy to read and use for first-time visitors. I hope to hear from the viewers and engage them on this topic. That’s sort of the whole point of doing the show to begin with. Fingers crossed.

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