A Prayer Request

A brief note and request because I believe in the power of prayer. A woman who connected with me here after seeing my Investigation Discovery re-air last week is about to undergo her fifth reconstructive surgery after suffering a brutal gang rape. She asked me for my prayers today. I gladly give them. But I’d ask you to join me too. Please, just take a moment to think about her and send her your good wishes. Ask God or whomever you pray to that she comes through well and heals. It may seem a small thing, but it’s not. Her story… I’ve been thinking about it for days not just for the horror of the crime committed against her but for the way she conveys a calm resolve to continue to rebuild her life. I am in awe of her and fervently wish her well. Please join me.

One thought

  1. My prayers go out to her, and I will ask that my Kula send good intentions to her this morning as well. I am happy that she is taking this next step toward rebuilding. Persevere is the word of the day!

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