Summer Slumber

Clearly, it’s been a few weeks since my last post. I rarely make so long an absence. But the break was needed in order for me to figure some things out regarding both my direction here and my life in general. Needless to say – and with great excitement – I can assure you I’ve gotten clarity on both. I look forward to writing about them very soon.

In the meantime, I would ask that you continue to look critically at the issue of sexual assault in the news: How it is represented, the words used to describe victims and details of the crime, what kinds of assaults are most commonly reported vs what we know about the crime (that 85% or more are perps known to the victim) and if there exists a common thread in the responses you feel or hear about these stories.

I may never know what brought you to my site, but if you’ve spent any time with me at all, my approach is that we are figuring this stuff out together. We are seeing this topic through new eyes. It makes us a small army of sorts and allows us to be. the. change. That’s incredibly powerful. And it is why I took some time to recharge and refocus. I want to give you all my best.

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