White House Call to Action on Campus Sexual Assault

A great piece of news quietly worked its way across my Twitter feed. The White House is creating a task force to address campus sexual assault to hopefully bring about REAL change and action. The White House reiterated that 1 in 5 college women will be victims of sexual assault and only 12 PERCENT report the crime. Given the utter debacle and sham of an investigation of a highly publicized campus sexual assault in the news recently, maybe this will get through to people that it is RARE for a victim to come forward – STATISTICALLY unlikely – because our laws, our leaders and our institutions fail them when they do.

From the 38-page report issued by the White House today (http://t.co/ldUqghbChU) this hard-to-ignore finding on PAGE 18:

“Most college victims are assaulted by someone they know, especially in incapacitated
assaults.And parties are often the site of the crime: a 2007 study found that 58% of
incapacitated rapes and 28% of forced rapes took place at a party. Notably, campus
perpetrators are often serial offenders. One study found that 7% of college men admitted
to committing rape or attempted rape, and 63% of these men admitted to committing
multiple offenses, averaging six rapes each.”

Can’t think of a stat more sobering or that demands more urgency we get a handle on this crime.



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