Spring Ahead

With the clocks’ leap ahead this morning, I awoke from my blogging slumber and contemplated the launch of a new series here. I’ve been volunteering at the rape crisis center at a local hospital. And there is not much I can share about that save for the fact I have to wear an oversized red volunteer smock and sleep in a small residents’ floor dorm room during my overnight shift, nervous and a little bit scared.

But what I have discovered while navigating the  volunteer road here in Georgia is there seems to be a disjointed effort on the anti-sexual violence front both at the local universities level and the wider state level. What does that mean? Opportunity. I see an opportunity to step in and step up. I am in the early stages of coming at that and hope soon to lay it out here.

I suspect there will never be a time when I know exactly when I’ve achieved the title of “expert” on this subject. But in lieu of a committee showing up at my door to put a gold star sticker on the tip of my nose, I’m going to slide right on in and get to work. I hope Georgia is ready for me 🙂

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