UMass: Women in Sports Media Symposium

Last week, I made a trip to Amherst, Massachusetts, to keynote the Women in Sports Media Symposium. I was invited to share the work I’ve been doing at ESPN this past fall, and continue to do there, and around the country.

Normally, I would prepare a speech. But given the environment, I prepared a lecture. I had many lessons to share. And concepts. Learnings and all the little epiphanies that have occurred since I began this journey.

It’s always tough to stare out at the faces of college students who are likely there because it’s been mandated that they be there. But I work extra hard to find a way to connect with them and draw them into the topic.

During my talk, there was a row of male students, right smack in the middle of my sight line. Poor guys! But, to their credit, they nodded along, asked questions and seemed engaged. That always helps propel me through what is always a very dense, information-filled 40 minutes or so.

Afterwards, I spoke with several students and professors who had attended and received some lovely feedback. Here is the write up the school paper did.

And here is a tweet that I just loved from the day.

tweet UmassAnd I, of course, had to share these photos of me with some of the students. I just love students. Love them. It was a very good day.

UMass boys

UMass girls

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