Cheers to 10 Years: The Party

keri and cups party

Sharing a few images here from my Escapeaversary shindig on Sunday. I was surrounded by friends, family and colleagues near and far. I created a living exhibit where guests could walk and read through various stages of my assault aftermath including letters to my attorneys, the State Dept and the Office on Violence Against Women. I wanted my guests to be afforded the rare opportunity to step inside of someone’s worst life moment, to truly understand all of the complexities of it and why it’s ridiculous to judge victims for not reporting their assaults or dropping out of their cases altogether.

party friends view

All I can say is that it surpassed my small expectations in the money we raised, in those who attended in how the event was executed. All in all, it was a great first fundraising experience and a deeply personal event as I mark my 10-year milestone on Monday, November 12, in Rome.

party cups

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