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This blog is written in chronological order starting with a review of the day I was attacked (Nov. 12, 2008) and key moments/events thereafter. Please understand, your only job is to survive a sexual assault. But this site is dedicated to arming yourself with the information to pursue the person who harmed you if and when you are able to do so.

If you are a victim seeking information, hyperlinked here are some posts that touch on what you need to know if you are contemplating overseas prosecution: being at the police station to report the crime, dealing with evidence in a way that helps your case, taking care of your mental health,  hiring a lawyer overseas (but has valuable info that can be used in U.S. if needed), telling the full truth, victims compensation fund info, filing for Power of Attorney (Parts 2 & 3), official charges and what they look like, AND the final verdict. Also, if you are planning a trip overseas, read this post about the State Department’s Safe Traveler Enrollment Program  and help yourself out. Trust me.

Finally, here is the first time I spoke on this topic in a public setting: The University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Clinton School of Public Service. Be sure to check out the great links in the menu bars on the right of this homepage. And please, please write to me if you have questions or thoughts. I am at afightbackwoman@gmail.com.

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  1. I applause you!!! I am a rape survivor. I saw you on tv today and I watched your videos! I feel like we are friends already! I was raped by my boss when my mail car broke down on my mail route. He plead guilty and got off with no jail time and only probation. I was aggravated sodomized on 1-30-03. He was sentenced to simple sodomy!:0 ugh the justice system bites!!!

    1. Thank you for posting and reaching out. I am so sorry that happened to you. And I am so happy to connect with you. You fought for yourself by bringing charges and did everything you could do. That is amazing and so important. I am sorry the justice system failed you. But you are amazing. You are.

  2. I met you at Walk a Mile in Her shoes and you are inspiring to all victims of sexual assault. I am so proud that you made a decision to fight back. I loved the t-shirts you made for your team.. I just want to say again you go girl!!!

  3. Truly, you are Wonder Woman. You fought back; you escaped; You did what many woman are too scared to do in their own city, let alone a different country. I am moved by your story and don’t know what to say other than,”you rock!”

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