Savings and the Holidays Never Felt This Good

As I sit here, reviewing my credit card statements as the final push into the holiday season wraps up, I cannot help but remember what this was like for me the past two Christmases. Christmas ’08 and ’09 had me worried about buying gifts and putting enough away for my “Italy account.” With no sense for what the expense would be because I had no idea how long the trial would go or if Marco would plea/be found guilty and ordered to pay my attorney fees, I had a monthly target to hit for the Italy account. It’s where bonuses, tax returns and any savings I could eek out went to hide. And I mean HIDE.  I didn’t even acknowledge its existence because there was no joy in seeing the monthly total knowing I might have to part with it. The Italy account replaced the “home improvements account”, one I would have taken great joy in. But this Christmas is different. Now, I am looking at what I can give to others without fear that it will come back to haunt me. I am Scrooge free. It’s a small change but a big milestone for me in reclaiming some normalcy in my life. For this reason (and many more) I am grateful.

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