What He Said…And Other Works of Fiction

I promised to post this, so here it is:  Marco’s statement (I call it fiction) to the police about me. As alluded to in a previous post, his version is..um..something  If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, read any of my posts, or if you have  a modicum of good sense, you will see his statement for what it is – pathetic. I am not sure you ever get the chance to read this sort of thing so I hope I am educating you somewhat on what sexual assault victims must contend with when approaching trial. Please note the multiple references to alcohol. Then, roll your eyes on my behalf.  (p.s. I bolded parts that made me shout out loud the first time I read them as I was incredulous and appalled at his audacity…)

Police of Rome – 16th December 2008, 9:40 A.M.

OBJECT: minute of sketchy information made by:

XXXXX Marco, born in Perugia on the 26th of December 19XX, resident in Rome in Via XXX e XXX n.20

I met POTTS Keri on 11th of November. I remember that it was around 18:00 p.m. and I was into the bar that is situated in Via dell’Orso n. 75, now I don’t remember the name of the bar, but I know the owner. I was sitting by myself at a table in the dehor (on the street) of the bar. Two American were sitting next to me, on my left, and they were drinking wine. I can’t speak proper English. Antonio, the owner of the bar, can speak English and he began to talk with the two girls and later he introduced them to me, because I was drinking alone. Antonio told them that I was an artist a well known artist and that my studio was close to the bar. The girls asked Antonio if I was one of the painter you can meet in Piazza Navona, he said no and POTTS Keri even asked him which was the marker price of paintings. I imagine that she made that question in order to understand if I was a real professional painter. I was speechless – as I told you before I do not speak English – and through Antonio I tried to understand the issue of the conversation.

Suddenly the two girls took the camera and they asked me to have some pictures of us all, they put me between them and they hugged me. I remember that I was surprised by their behavior so friendly. The owner told them that my studio was near and he asked if they wanted to see my studio and paintings. I felt a bit embarrassed but at the end I accepted, also because he was very insistent. I remember that Keri drank a glass of wine instead the other girl drank a spirit. I remember that after 20 minutes we, all four, went to my studio which is located about 200 meters from the bar. And I didn’t feel comfortable also because I had just finished to paint a new opera and I was disappointed that two persons two, almost unknown to me, were my studio. In my studio I have a collection of different wines, one of the girl began to stare at the labels of the bottles of wine. She pointed at the bottle of white wine, it was a bottle of white Cusumano. Just to be polite, I took the bottle and four plastic glasses and I made them taste it. I offered some wine to the girls, they drank more then one glass. I remember that I’ve just sipped my lips in the wine because the wine was quite warm. The girls instead appreciated the wine and drank two glasses. We remained at the studio about 20 minutes, then the girls took a catalogue and asked Antonio a suggestion of a nice place to have a dinner. He said that there was a nice restaurant near to his bar, so we came back to the bar. On the way back the girl asked me if liked to go with them for dinner ( towards Antonio), I said no because I didn’t want to go because I can’t speak English and I didn’t enjoy the idea to go out with them.

I stayed at the bar, instead Antonio took the girls to their destination and he came back alone to the bar. After few minutes I saw Potts getting into the bar and asking him for another place to go, because she didn’t like the one that Antonio advised her before, and she asked him if she could see me after dinner as well. I want to say that Antonio reported me all these circumstances. Through Antonio I told her that she would have found me during the night near to Antonio’s bar, and we managed to meet at Mariotti Bar in piazza Navona around 22:30. I went there alone and I was surprised when I saw at 22: 30 o’clock the two girls getting into the bar. My opinion at the time was that the two girls dealt in order to let me stay alone with Keri. I remember that after few minutes Keri’s friend went away. Keri POTTS had a big bag and I remember that I told her to let the bag to her friend but she didn’t want to listen to me. So we had a walk in piazza Navona and we went to a bar I think in XXX XXXX. We sat inside the bar and we had a drink; she drunk a glass of red wine. I would like to underline that when I met her after dinner, in piazza Navona, she seemed a bit drunk. As I told I’m not fluent at all in English, but I showed her a catalogue of my paintings. I noticed that she was really interested and suddenly we even kissed each other and I remember that it was a long kiss because I felt like if everyone in the bar was staring at us. A rose street vendor passed by, and I bought for her a bouquet of pink roses. We remained in the bar for an half hour, the I’ve asked her where was her hotel and she answered me in via XXX, so I asked her if she wanted to come to my house because our locations (my apartment and her hotel) were close, and from the balcony of my apartment she could see all Rome, and I would have walk her home.

 I want to say that I have a girlfriend. My girlfriend, as usually, started to phone me, so I was worried because could not answer at the phone. So once we were at my apartment, I was worried that she could come home and see me and Keri POTT, so I asked to Keri to go away from my house and we went to Via XXX to have a drink. We arrived there at about 1:00 and there we met Keri’s friend that was drinking wine with two Italian boys, I remember that I thought that Keri’s friend was a bit drunk. I remember that there I drank an half rum and Keri POTTS drank some white wine. We stayed there 20 minutes and Keri spoke with her friends and I spoke with the two Italian boys. I also phoned to my girlfriend, and I realized that Keri was attracted by me and I asked her if she wanted to came back to my house. She accepted so we came back to my house; at the bar I bought a bottle of rhum. Once inside the house we went to the balcony, I lighted two candles in order to have a more suggestive and confortable environment. We were close to the window, and I tried to kiss the girl again. I noticed that she was suddenly detached and nervous, and because I can’t speak English I tried to get close to her in order to calm Keri. I touched her arm and I told her to stay calm, but the more I tried to calm her the more she was detached. I pointed to the exit door to make her understand that if she wanted we could go away, but I think that she understood that I was pointing the bed. I was surprised noticing that she was drawing back in the direction of the terrace, I had the sensation that she was confused and that she did not understand my intention to calm her and that I didn’t want to force her to do anything . I remember that she was in panic and suddenly she sent me away. I saw that she was always nearer to the end of the balcony and I was afraid that she could jump, so I tried to catch her but she put her leg outside the balcony and she jumped. I was shocked and I took a torch in order to check if she was on the balcony behind mine, but I couldn’t see anything.

I phoned 112 but I was so confused that I don’t remember what I told to the police officer. When the agents arrived I’ve asked them to come up in my apartment and help me to look for the girl. We also went in the building next to mine, up to the terrace but the also there we didn’t find the girl. Then the agents left me alone and I remained home until Police arrived.

I want to say that I didn’t hurt the girl, that I didn’t punch her or bite her and I didn’t unbutton her pants I didn’t try to put my hands inside her pants, I didn’t use violence against her. The only thing I did was to try to catch her because I was afraid she could hurt herself falling from down from my balcony. I hurt my elbow while I was trying to help the girl.”

Editor’s Note:  Knowing all that I shared about my awful experience at his hands, try to imagine being me and reading this. And then think of all the victims who deal with this.  

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