Dates from Hell: I Give 3 of 4 Stars.

Due to my increased level of anxiety about what the producers of Dates from Hell elected to leave out, I decided to keep a running list of things that I wish they had done differently. I am sure they appreciate this, but whatever. It’s my life.

1. The flower vendor incident did not look anything like that. The vendor was 5′ 5″ and 120 pounds soaking wet. It was totally innocuous.

2. When Marco asked if I wanted to see his place, I declined. He then offered me his ID for safekeeping so I would be at ease he meant me no harm. I then realized his place was three blocks from mine and felt totally fine. I knew exactly where I was.

3. I went up and saw his apartment TWICE that night. The first time was cool, calm and normal. Nothing happened. No big deal. It made me feel comfortable to return there again later even though I was pretty tired at that point.

4. Of course, the whole part about the ordeal at the hospital and with the local police, the reporting of the crime, etc… Someday, someone will find that as interesting as I did and as educational. For now, I give you this site and my best insights.

Bravo to Sharp Entertainment and Discovery. Lots of great attention to detail in an episode that moved at breakneck pace and clearly could have used another 30 minutes!

With confidence, I can tell you…I am done with TV. Enough emotional rollercoaster for one lifetime. But a heckuva ride. Hope it helped you to hear it in my own words.

3 thoughts

  1. Hi Keri–Here here.

    I wish they had been more exacting with your story in those ways as well- esp about having been to M’s apt earlier (and it was uneventful) and about your declining the invite and “forcing” his ID on you. (Part of the “I’m a good guy” staging.) Go figure – oops!– about the size of the vendor and also that the real Marco was much larger. But I do think he was a pretty fine actor.

  2. I just saw your story on DiscID and found your blog. You are a truly inspiring, strong, and couragous woman – not to mention drop-dead-gorgeous. Thankfully, I have never been in a situation like yours. I am just a stay-at-home Momma who loves true crime shows, but was absolutely amazed with your courage and the bravery it took to share this story. Thank you so much for your honesty – you have such a beautiful spirit and will go on to do so much good for so many through your courage. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for writing. We women must encourage each other and support each other like this. If we all ban together and say “It is never ever acceptable for a man to force himself or attempt to force himself inside a woman’s body without her consent” no matter the circumstances, then we would have many, many more rapists in jail.
      It starts with support like yours and I really appreciate it. K

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