HLN Clips and Comfort

4CE5FED6-AA90-4A8B-B98C-8DE008D898D8I wasn’t sure what to expect of the HLN special I mentioned previously. I knew it was being edited and I was concerned that some of what I most wanted left in would be excised. Because, that’s always the way, isn’t it? That’s the nature of hope and expectations. But I watched the hour-long show, and I’m pleased to inform you that all of my favorite parts of my participation were included. So, roughly recorded off my iPhone and posted for you here – until HLN sends me the nice, clean YouTube posted clips – are three clips. Take a look  and let me know if I seem comfortable to you. Because I think I do. The experience felt effortless and natural.

Please Note: The videos WILL play right side up.

1. I talk about Pathways to Safety International being the lone US org to provide 24/7 trauma-informed, confidential services to Americans sexually assaulted or abused abroad:

2. I talk about the phenomenal work of Jessica Eaton regarding the shortcomings of trying to educate victim blaming out of misogynists:

3. I talked about where the messaging comes from that leads boys and men to value women less or not at all (forgive my camerawork).


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