The Little Things We Can Do

Wanted to share a quick note with you all… Just now, while eating dinner, I penned a note to a local writer at the Atlanta Journal Constitution who penned this piece:

My note, which took about two minutes to type:

Mr. Garner
Regarding your article on the doctor arrested for drugging and sexually assaulting his patients, you used the term “having sex with” them while the patients were unconscious. I assure you, the correct phrase is “raping them”, not  “having sex with” which implies mutual consent and pleasure. In fact, the only correct phrase is “raping them” and anything else takes away from the reader’s ability to grasp the full weight of the crime he perpetrated on people who trusted him. You hold an important position as a news reporter; the correct language here, especially for a crime with such a low conviction rate, is very important. Please reconsider going forward. Regards, Keri Potts

The crime of sexual assault often feels overwhelming to combat. But I always remember that saying “Think global, act local.” If we all did that, we’d wield such power. I encourage you to join me the next time you see something similar in your local media. Be respectful, but clear. I’ll let you know if I hear back.

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