Marco Statement Redux

So, back to that piece of garbage fiction Marco offered the Italian police. I ask you, if you knew nothing about me, and read that statement, how would you view Marco? How would you view me? Be honest. You’d read “wine” “drunk” “appeared drunk” and you’d read Marco’s statements about being “embarrassed” and “worried” and you’d take a sympathetic view toward him, I bet. That is the chance Marco would have had at trial – that the judges deciding his fate would see me that way. Yet, he still pled guilty to all of it. Because he knew it was bad. He knew – and the pre-trial judge told him – that the evidence rendered his statement false.

For a long time, I did not know what I thought about the statement. My opinion has vacillated. One part of me was disappointed. I somehow thought he’d have given me more credit than he did. That maybe he’d mention our fantastic fist fight and my ninja-like leap from his balcony? Fine, no deal. At the same time, reading that statement, knowing what a total bastard he was – how twisted and malevolent toward me he was – it just made me feel so JUSTIFIED in going after him, to try to take him off the street for a while so he wouldn’t harm another woman. Can you blame me?

I don’t know what you think of me or my story. I will never be privy to that unless you actually write to me and tell me. But I want you to know, I was never drunk or even slightly so, I never seduced this man (or would even know how to do that), I didn’t know he had a girlfriend ,and my friend and I certainly did not force ourselves to his studio. That’s the unjust part of it. The lies. The doubt a statement like his could place in one person’s mind. But I think showing the statement is important because rarely do people get to see that. I hope you learned a little something by reading it.

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